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Three easy steps to better business assurance

Meet us for a coffee and casual discussion

Meet us for a coffee on us and let’s talk about what’s going wrong

We want to hear how you’re struggling. How does unreliable information affect your work and the work of your team? If a quick suggestion is all you need, we are happy to support your success so simply. If you need a little more help, we’ll now have a great understanding of the problems you’re facing and the goals you want to achieve, so we can move on to the next step.

Let us formulate a plan for you and your team

We’ll create a customised plan for you and your team

We take the information you’ve shared and develop a plan to get your team delivering what you need, so you can deliver best results possible. We tailor this plan to suit your timelines, budget and environment and will collaborate with you to ensure it’s going to reach the goals you have for your business, your team and yourself.

Implement and Review

Getting you the benefits, fast

Once we’ve agreed on the plan for moving forward, we‘ll begin implementing it with you and your team. We will ensure everyone understands what will change, why it needs to change and the benefits they’ll get from that change. They will also be actively contributing, so they’ll start getting the benefits in the shortest possible time.

Once things are in full flight, we’ll regularly check in to ensure that the processes we have created are working in your environment. And if they’re not, we’re able to dig deeper and work out how to change things so that you get the results you want.

Give your team what they need to deliver what you need

We help you create the environment your team need, to give you the reliable and consistent information you need to make better business decisions, through:

Define Business Language


We can review your current business resource management landscape and help you develop a pathway to clarity, efficiency and reliability, for you and your team.

Store and access your Business Information


We can deliver training to up-skill existing staff, increase their ability to define, manage and govern these resources efficiently.

Assign accountability for issue resolution


We collaborate with your team to deliver a tailored plan that gets them what they need, to deliver what you need, as soon as possible.

Be the leader who delivers an environment where everyone can excel

We can help you help your team excel by establishing:

Clear language to eliminate misunderstandings

We believe the foundation to reliable outputs is clear definition. We can work with your team to establish a global encycolpaedia of business terms that use structured definitions, allowing for crystal clear comprehension in communication of all types.

Appropriate management of your business resources

We can provide the tools that enable you to know what you have, where to find it, who owns it and how it was created. Know the privacy and confidentiality constraints of each item, the fit-for-purpose activities and the stage of each item’s lifecycle, at a glance. And we ensure all this information is at your fingertips.

Easy and effective access to information about those resources

Access to this business resource knowledge can be shared with any staff member, so your team are empowered to find what they need, use it effectively and then register the outputs they create. This allows maximum leverage for all business resources eliminating waste of effort, money and time searching for resources or re-creating them.

Collaborative processes to resolve business resource-related issues

Perfection may never be attainable. But a solid process for raising and resolving issues can give you the same confidence in the outputs based on those resources. We can provide your team with an issues management system that is visible to all, includes a clear accountability hierarchy and resolutions can involve collaboration from all stakeholders, from the convenience of their computer.


A central tool for better business assurance.

Intralign is a software platform that delivers a collaborative, transparent and convenient hub for the full suite of business resource management activities.

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