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If you need more, we’ll produce a customised plan to give you and your team what they need to deliver the best results and get you to your goals.

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Accept the plan and we’ll collaborate with your team to get everyone using and benefitting from the new environment, fast.

Clearly Defined. Elegantly Designed. Easily Assigned.

Intraversed builds business information resource management on three foundational principles that deliver solid business assurance for better business decisions.

Define Business Language

Define your business language so communication and outputs are always clear, reliable, current and meaningful.

Store and access your Business Information

Design the way you track your business resources to maximise security, manage use, monitor lifecycle and ensure consistency.

Assign accountability for issue resolution

Assign accountability for resource information issues to enable efficient, collaborative, transparent resolutions.

"Intraversed have provided their information management products and services to me for several years. They have always established cost effective and appropriate solutions and helped ensure the governance, quality and integrity of our information in support of our clinical, medical and regulatory operations...


The customer service has been outstanding and the team always take the time to ensure they fully understand the scope of the project before beginning work and provide great followup and technical support once the project has concluded. The success of the first initiative, which saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, led to other data management initiatives being implemented by Intraversed for Pharmaxisʼ Medical department."

Geetha Velummylum

Head of Regulatory Affairs - Global

You need better business assurance.
You'll get it through better business information resource management

With a customised plan from Intraversed, you'll experience:

Provide consistent figures in budgets and reports

Reliable, consistent figures in budgets and reports

When your staff can access the right information and understand it, you can have confidence that the information you’re given is a solid basis for your business decisions.

Transparent issues resolution and management

Reduced legal and regulatory risk

Enable your team to raise issues with business information resources quickly and easily, ensuring potential legal, regulatory and consistency risks are eliminated fast.

Store relevant business information resources

Reduced time, effort and financial investment in creating information

Our solutions allow your team to easily access relevant details about the content, purpose, use limitations and location of business information resources, which means greater leveraging of existing resources, less loss, greater security and swifter access protocols.

Life cycle management business product resources

The most up-to-date information

Visible life cycle management of all business information resources means you can be sure the information your team is using is current, relevant and right.

Definitions for key business terms

Clear communication

Govern the definitions of all your KPI metrics, financial accounting terms and other core business terms, giving staff a clear understanding of requirements, processes and calculations that must be followed.

"I worked with Mark and Terry at Telstra from September 2004 through October 2006. Mark & Terry were engaged to help us with establishing governance, defining information, and education in information quality management. They were always extremely professional in their approach, very knowledgeable in the TIQM process, quickly adapted to the Telstra environment and language, and their input was an essential and vital part of the company's ability to migrate customer records to the new system when it was introduced...


I found them to be honest, team players, hard workers and always committed to the task for which they had been engaged. They displayed an admirable work ethic, treated confidential matters appropriately and sensitively, and showed initiative and a willingness to achieve the company's objectives."

Marshall Strong

Manager, Revenue Center of Excellence (Retired)

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Better Business Assurance 101: Information Governance

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